My 5 lessons for mastering working from home

Do you work from home?

I have had lots of chats with pals I work with who are trying to decide on whether the office or home office is the best way to go.

I, personally, am team Home Office because I LOVE working from the comfort of my home. I have been running my business, Crisp Communications, from home for close to 6 years, so I have my routine down pat.

But, WFH is not good for everyone and it does require some diligence.

So, if you’re tossing up what suits you best, here are a few things about WFH that I enjoy, and some lessons that I have learnt along the way.


In the beginning, the idea of working from home felt wild. I could work in bed! Or the kitchen? By the pool? OH MY, such fun. But, in reality, this random approach is the #1 cause of distraction (AND a sore back).

Create your own little sanctuary where you know you’re good to work. Whether it’s a cozy nook or an office, having a dedicated space is key. Why? Because mentally when you go in that space, your mind will know that you’re ready and there to work!


When you work from home it’s easy to let your work hours spill over into your personal hours. And, especially in winter, this could mean missing daylight and being a hermit during the week.

So, set yourself some strict hours for work, with time for breaks and a designated end time. On your breaks, step outside, even if it’s just for a quick garden watering session. Those 5-minute breaks will keep you energised till the end of the day!

And when the working day is done, do a quick loop around the block just to hit refresh, and kickstart your transition to home life.


The funny thing about working from home is that your husband / dog / kids / housemates suddenly become your colleagues. But the key difference is, they don’t have the same work goals as you. When you people are around you, in your work space, they can often forget to respect your boundaries. Yes, it’s so fun for you to come in and show me a hilarious meme or vent about your day, but it is also very distracting.

Figure out what way you work best, and gently let your “co-workers” know.


Most workplaces are pretty quiet. And, the first thing that you notice when you work from home is that, often, it is NOT quiet.

My advice is to know when to call it quits for the day, as you simply are not getting your best work done. If the house is chaos, the neighbours are mowing or a noisy kitchen renovation is happening, it’s time to wave the white flag. Embrace the moment and realise that some battles aren’t worth fighting. Save your sanity and focus for better days!


Lastly, embrace the fun of working from home. Wear pjs if you don’t have any meetings, throw a spontaneous solo dance party, or plant something hilarious in your Zoom background.

Sometimes if you are the only one working at home, it can feel stale or monotonous. Doing small things to change things up can make it feel fresh.

What are some of your tips for staying focused when working from home?

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