Explaining the SEO Jargon

As a business owner, you know you need SEO – everybody is talking about it! But, what does that actually mean? And why do you need it? Here is a run through of the SEO terms that you need to know.

SEM vs SEO: Do you know the difference?

SEM and SEO are pretty big topics, and the acronyms get thrown around a lot, but what do they really mean? We debunk these search marketing terms and show you can use them to grow your business.

The true value of outsourcing your marketing

When you’re a small business, your time is extremely precious. If you aren’t assigning your time the true value it deserves, you could be hindering and holding your business back from its true potential.

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Blog image title card: How to Hack The Instagram Algorithm

Organic reach on Instagram is dropping, meaning that your posts may not be being seen by many people. Here’s 5 tips to boost your reach, without spending a dollar.

How to Outsmart the Hackers

Blog image title card: How to Outsmart the Hackers

Keeping your online business accounts safe is getting harder and harder, especially for small businesses. Here are my 5 tips to keep your online data secure.

To .au or not to .au – that is the question

The big news this week is that Aussie businesses can now grab a .au website address! Here is a quick summary of what you need to know about this change, and what action your business should take.

How to avoid information overload

Blog image title card: How to Avoid Information Overload

We all know how draining it is to be faced with an email, report or website that is chocablock with text.

Paragraph after paragraph, page after page of facts, numbers and buzz-words can be intimidating.

And for many people, it can be unintelligible.

Are stock photos helping or hindering your business?

Images help bring your words to life. They convey a message and a tone quicker than text does. They can sometimes hit you right in the feels. But sometimes, using the wrong images can hinder rather than help your business.