Sizing Up Social Media: 2023 Image and Video Guide

The definitive cheat sheet for picture perfect posts

Have you ever experienced the frustration of uploading a photo, only to see your masterpiece cruelly cropped or awkwardly stretched? Fear not, for we’re here to rescue you from the clutches of pixelated chaos with this definitive cheat sheet for picture perfect posts. Introducing… Sizing Up Social Media: 2023 Image and Video Guide

Crispy Tip

Crispy Tip: Bookmark this page, or save these graphics to your computer so you have quick access to this definitive cheat sheet!

Think of your social media profile as your own personal art gallery, a visual feast for the eyes. It’s a place where your creativity knows no bounds, and where every pixel counts. With the right image sizes and video formats, you’ll unlock a whole new level of engagement, ensuring that your content pops right off the screen and captures the hearts of your audience.

Every social media platform has different specs and affordances. What you upload to Facebook isn’t always compatible with Instagram. A video designed for Instagram Reels isn’t going to work on Youtube. 

We get it. It’s confusing. There are so many different ratios and pixel counts that can be so overwhelming. 

So here it is: the Crisp Communications Sizing Up Social Media: 2023 Image and Video Guide:

That’s a lot to take in, I know. Why don’t you bookmark this page so you can refer back to it at any point. We are on a mission to make your social media game pop. 2023 is the year to promote your online presence from fine to ~FABULOUS~.

If you’d need help boosting your social media game, book in a discovery call today. And as always, stay crispy x

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