Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our marketing services

While we are based in sunny Queensland (Brisbane & Noosa), we work with clients right across Australia and beyond. We are a digital agency, so we work a lot on Zoom and Google Meet, but we also travel to meet clients and deliver face-to-face training and coaching sessions, as requested.

We work with:

  • financial services
    • financial advisors
    • AFSLs
    • paraplanners
  • professional services businesses
    • accountants
    • law firms
    • real estate
  • business coaches
  • non-profits and community groups


If your industry isn’t in this list, get in touch and we can see if we are the right agency for you. We have previously worked with publishing, entertainment and retail businesses.

See some of the businesses Crisp has helped here.

Our niche is working with small businesses.

Why? Well, quite often these are the forgotten ones in the marketing mix, due to time, money or resources.

We believe in delivering personal, high quality, flexible marketing for the little end of town, without the epic price tag. We are about having an awesome relationship with you and your team, and we focus on delivering what is best your business. We avoid offering transactional, one-size-fits-all marketing products.

We are a flexible agency, here to support you in a way that suits you and your business. Because of this, we offer a range of options for how we can work together:

1. Crisps on Demand – best for businesses with regular, ongoing marketing needs

Most our clients consider us to be a part of their team and choose to work with us on a regular basis to build consistency in their marketing efforts. This is usually through our retainer arrangement (which is what we call Crisps on Demand), where you receive a nominated number of dedicated marketing support hours per week or month.

Crisps on Demand starts from 8 hours a month (2 hours / $250 + gst AUD per week), and can be increased to suit your needs.

We have no lock-in contracts, so if you want to pause or cancel your support at any time, you can simply let us know before the next invoice date.

2. Crisps by Design – best for businesses who need a quick boost to their marketing

Crisps by Design is a project based engagement, usually around a complex, in-depth or once-off activity, for example:

  • building a new website,
  • undertaking a brand review and updating corporate materials,
  • writing and designing a new ebook.

For this arrangement, we will provide you a quote up-front before any work begins.

3. Snack Pack – best for businesses who have semi-regular marketing needs

Our Snack Packs are blocks of pre-purchased marketing hours which you can use as needed. This arrangement is great for businesses who need bite-sized marketing support on a semi-regular marketing basis, for example:

  • designing and sending a fortnightly email newsletter,
  • writing a monthly blog
  • creating materials for a quarterly presentation that needs marketing materials.

Our Snack Packs come in blocks of 10 hours for $1,350 + gst. Simply purchase, and use as you need it! (And, don’t feel pressure to use it all at once – these hours don’t expire.)

Are you thinking of getting marketing support, but not sure what we can help you with?

Here are some examples of the type of support we offer:

  • creating a marketing strategy or plan for your business
  • designing corporate document and templates (eg. letterhead, PowerPoint decks, forms, business cards)
  • writing and designing promotional material (eg. brochures, flyers, signage, pull-up banners)
  • writing copy (eg. blog posts, news articles, social media captions, newsletters, email blasts)
  • designing or updating websites (eg. overhauling your design, adding a new page, creating graphics)
  • managing your podcast (eg. researching new topics, booking guests, coordinating sub-contractors)
  • improving your searchability (eg. research to improve your rankings, auditing your digital presence, website SEO)
  • managing your social media (eg. designing templates, creating graphics, writing captions, managing groups)
  • editing photos and videos (eg. for your website, newsletter or advertising)
  • training your team members (eg. social media, design, video editing)

If you are looking for support that isn’t listed here, get in touch and we can see if we are the right agency for you.

How we work with you to deliver your marketing is also custom to your needs, and how involved you would like to be in the day-to-day activities.

In general, we offer three levels of support:

  • full done-for-you service (we take the entire project off your plate – perfect for busy clients who just want top-level updates)
  • partnership style service (we divide and conquer, working side-by-side to deliver your marketing)
  • coaching style service (we up-skill your team, so you can keep your marketing in-house).

We believe in being up-front and having no nasty fee surprises. We also work with your budget to deliver you the best marketing bang for your buck.

As we are a fully-custom agency, our services are priced based on the scope of each client’s project or activities. Rest assured that we will provide you with a quote prior to commencing any works.

If you are looking for regular or recurring marketing support, we do often a Crispy discount – see How Can You Work With Crisp for details.

We are all about achieving results.

We believe in strategic marketing designed to achieve specific business goals and outcomes. We measure and monitor progress to ensure that our campaigns and activities are working.

If you have a particular goal in mind for your business, let’s discuss how we can help you achieve that.

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High five! We are stoked that you want to work with us!

If you haven’t yet started with us, the first step is to book a call with Abi to discuss your needs and receive a custom Crisp package designed for you and your business.

If you have started with us already, here are some handy How To articles to help kick off our time working together!

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