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Level-up your in-house team

Do you have keen beans in your team?

Nurture your team and keep your ongoing marketing in-house by having a Crispy training session, coaching package or a quick-fire Ask Me Anything: Marketing Session.

We can provide tailored Education and coaching in:

A Crispy training session is best for teams that have multiple members supporting the marketing function. We can come to your office, go offsite or deliver virtually via Zoom, whichever way best suits you and your business.

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Ask Me Anything: Marketing Session

Our newest offering is a quick-fire Ask Me Anything: Marketing Session. In this 45 minute session, you can ask our founder, Abi, anything you like about your marketing strategy. The aim of this session is for you to walk away with your questions answered, feeling confident that you know what the next steps are in implementing the marketing strategy for your business.

In this session, you can ask me anything! Here are some examples of questions you may like to ask during this session:
  • to review your marketing plan / strategy
  • to review your social media plan / strategy
  • to review your strategy data or analytics
  • to give you feedback on your ideas, content or graphics
  • to work with you to brainstorm new ideas
  • technical questions about your marketing platforms
  • to train you on a particular tool.
The Ask Me Anything session is a one-on-one Zoom session with Crisp Founder, Abi Gatling.
You ask the questions, we provide the answers. You take the notes and then go away and implement!

We know that small businesses often don’t have the expertise or resources in house to train or upskill a marketing team. That’s why we designed this session; so that you can tap into the years of industry and marketing experience of the Crisp team.

The Ask Me Anything session is a great rapid upskill for any team member who is looking to grow their marketing skills and knowledge.

Who this session is for:

  • junior marketing assistants or mid-level marketing professionals
  • marketing professionals looking to level-up in a new area
  • marketing coordinators wanting a sounding board for their ideas and strategies

You will get practical answers, advice, ideas and strategies from an experienced marketing and communications specialists.

To get the most out of this session, we recommend you prepare your questions in order of priority ahead of time. While this is a quick-fire session where we aim to get the most out of our time together, sometimes the conversation can dive a little deeper. In times like this, we focus on quality not quantity, so we may not get to all your questions in one session.

This 45-minute session is $199 (inc gst), payable upon booking.

What our clients are saying about our training:

So, want to work together?

Schedule in a free Zoom call with Abi to discuss your marketing needs.

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