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Tools we use and happily recommend to our clients

Here it is! A list of tools that we regularly use in our business — for Crisp and our clients — which we happily and whole-heartedly recommend.

Just so there are no surprises… Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that some have extra special deals for you (like discounts or freebies), and if you purchase through these links we may receive a small commission or free month or two to a subscription we love. Win-win!
And, we never recommend tools that we haven’t road tested previously, only the ones the rave about!

Our favourite marketing tools


While we build a few different websites, hands down we love WordPress for the price, the functionality and the consistency.


Wix is a good alternative to WordPress, and we recommend it for businesses who do not have tech heads in their team, and want to continue to manage their website in-house.


When we build with WordPress, we solely use Elementor because it rocks! It turns a complex website into something anyone in your team can edit.


If you want some whiz-bang features on your site, like animated counters, Google Review carousels, pricing calculators and more, then Elfsight is the way to go. We love it because it is easy to use and the pricing is amazing!


We have worked with so many website hosting companies over the years. And, trust us, when you are getting a super cheap price on hosting you have to expect that they are taking shortcuts elsewhere; think hosting speed, security or service. VentraIP has been the best company we have worked with BY FAR and their support services are next level. We 100% recommend them to all of our clients.


This is a great site that provides you with legal terms and conditions and contracts for your website and other services.


If you are looking to implement an SEO strategy and get the most out of your website and content, then you need a Semrush account. Their free version is fantastic if you have just one site and limited time to give to SEO. If you want to make a real dent in your SEO, the paid version is the best we’ve seen out there.

Active Campaign

 Active Campaign is the Rolls Royce of email marketing and CRM tools. If you can afford their pricing, it is 100% worth it. They make forms and automations a breeze, plus their analytics on email campaigns are insightful and easy to understand.


For a new business, the free MailChimp account is a great place to start with your email marketing.


HubSpot offer a great CRM and email marketing tool, which are free to start with. You can add on additional tools for marketing, sales, content and more. We like how user friendly these products are.


We have used a LOT of different social media schedulers, and we continually come back to SocialBee. It has great functionality like creating post variations, recycling content and AI tools. Plus it integrates with more social platforms than any other tool that we have found.


This is a close second for social media management, and is a good option if the pricing for SocialBee is too steep. 


Out of all the podcast distribution providers we have worked with, we keep going back to Libsyn for price, ease of use and reliability. We know the frustration of a podcast going offline due to technical issues with the provider, so we avoid that completely by sticking with the best out there; Libsyn. Join Libsyn via this link and you’ll get 2 months free podcast hosting.  


Vistaprint is my go-to for good quality printed goodies, with a quick turnaround time. 


We moved over from Trello and Asana to ClickUp. It has a great free version, but I have upgraded to the paid version so my whole team can collaborate on task and project management. 


With a growing team, Calendly was starting to get expensive! So, we switched to TidyCal and have never looked back. We love it because it has a once-off fee (rather than monthly subscriptions) and they are continually adding new features.