Why do people work with you?​

Understand this, and your marketing will level-up, big-time.

Do you know why people work with you? Or what is the reason people buy your products or services? 

In the marketing world, this reason is called a ‘Trigger Event’. Ie. what event triggered someone to purchase from you or sign up with your services.

Because, no one just makes a purchasing decision out of the blue. Something must trigger it to happen at some point.

By learning what are the specific trigger events for your potential prospects, you will be able to find, qualify and convert them into paying clients faster.

Even better than that, if used correctly, your potential clients will be able to find you much easier than before. 

You will get a deeper understanding of your client’s situation. You will know exactly what are their needs, what motivates them to buy and how your product or service will help them.

Understanding your business’s trigger events can help you focus your marketing and attract more clients.

Once you know what the various trigger events are for your products or services, you can tailor your messaging to reach more people who may be experiencing that same trigger.

So, what is a trigger event?

A trigger event will be different for each business, service and product. It may even differentiate between client types.

The best place to start is by having a clear idea of who your ideal clients are. If you don’t have this information yet, try my free Client Avatar worksheet here.

Once you know who your clients are, it’s about tapping into what are the issues or events happening in their lives, that may cause them to need your services or products.

Here are some examples:

Example financial planning trigger event

You are a financial planner, specialising in retirement planning.

A trigger event for clients aged 50 – 60 could be that they have just started to think about when they want to retire, and what they want to do in retirement.

A trigger event for clients aged 40 – 50 could be that they have come into some inheritance and want to invest it in a long term solution.

Example real estate trigger event

You are a real estate agent.

A trigger event for your clients aged 25 -35 could be that they have had a new baby, and want more space.

You have your trigger events, now what?

After discovering the trigger events relevant for your business, you can use this to inform your marketing messaging. By referencing the needs and issues of your client (and how you solve these issues) in your adverts, website copy, social media and email marketing, will make your clients resonate with you.

And a client that feels heard and understood is much more likely to feel confident in making a purchasing decision (ie. whipping out their wallets asap!).

If you would like help mapping out your customer avatars or trigger events, please book a call with Abi.

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