Crisp on Demand

Retainer-style packages for businesses with regular or ongoing marketing needs

What is Crisp on Demand?

Looking to hire a marketer but want to avoid the overhead costs and lack of desk space?

Introducing: Crisp on Demand.

Our Crisp Communications team will function as your in-house marketing department. We’ll develop your strategy, manage your implementation, ensure consistency, and most importantly, relieve you of the daily marketing stress.

With this retainer-style arrangement, you receive a designated number of dedicated marketing support hours each week or month.

Crisp on Demand starts from 2 hours a week ($250 + gst AUD per week), and can be scaled to meet your needs.

What goodies can we take off your plate?

Crisp on Demand can be used for any general marketing needs that you may have, for example:

  • crafting a marketing plan
  • managing your online presence
  • coordinating your social media
  • designing and sending your email newsletter
  • writing blogs / articles
  • creating materials for presentations or pitch meetings
  • optimising and updating your website
  • designing an e-book, brochure or other lead magnet
  • scripting and editing videos
What will you use your Crisp by Design hours for?

Get started with Crisp on Demand:

Book a call with Abi to discuss what marketing activities you want managed, and let’s get cracking!

Crisp on Demand FAQs

You can use your Crisp on Demand retainer hours for any general marketing support that your business needs. This can include social media, design, copywriting, website editing, video editing, and more.

Once we get a feel for your business, we can offer suggestions for marketing activities that will add value to your offering.

Specialist marketing activities are excluded from the Crisp on Demand, this includes building new websites, designing a new brand and paid ads.

We find that once-off activities and those which have a clearly-defined scope, often work best with our Crisp by Design packages. For these we give a custom quote designed exactly for your business.

Crisp on Demand contracted hours are designed to be fully used within the month. 

Before starting on your retainer, we will scope the work needed and provide an estimated number of hours per week or month to successfully complete your marketing activities. Should we find that we go over or under in support hours, we will let you know and we can discuss tweaking the arrangement.

Your Crisp on Demand package will be invoiced monthly, in-advance. You can pay your invoice using bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

We have no lock-in contracts, so if you want to upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your support at any time, you can simply let us know before the next invoice date.

No refunds are offered for work already completed or invoiced.

At Crisp, we believe in sustainable marketing—establishing a strong foundation and efficient processes to drive meaningful results. To achieve this, we recommend engaging our services for at least three months.

Our clients are often delighted with the progress we make within this period, and many choose to continue working with us for years!

We’re confident in our services, so we don’t require lock-in contracts. If you wish to pause or cancel your support, simply inform us before the next invoice date.

Please note, no refunds are provided for work already completed or invoiced.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out by email via