10 Client Christmas Gifts

(That Won't Break the Bank!)

Christmas is right around the corner.

Everyone is getting excited about the holidays, reflecting on the year that has been and wondering what the next year will bring.

The holiday season is also a great time for you to acknowledge your thanks and appreciation of your clients or customers.

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An easy way to show that you have valued your client’s support throughout the year is through giving a small, thoughtful gift.

But what gift is appropriate for your business?

Here we have compiled a list of 10 tried and tested fun, professional and affordable Christmas gifts that your business can send to your clients.

10 Gift Ideas for Your Business

1.Team recipe book

This gift is perfect because it’s a team activity, sprinkled with sentiment and nostalgia,that helps your clients better get to know your team. Ask each of your team members to submit their favourite family holiday recipe and a little blurb about their memory of the dish. Then, have the book designed and send it out as an e-book or printed.

2.personalised mug

This is the ultimate gift that mixes practicality and thoughtfulness. Think about something that is important to your clients, have a design made and printed on a mug. Every time they use that mug, they will think of your business.

We recently made this Vistaprint mug for one of our clients.

3.branded qr code holder

Order a custom QR code stand which links to your client’s Google Reviews, website or another useful resource. This stand can be used on their reception desk or meeting rooms and will guarantee that they get more traffic.

4.handmade gourmet jam or preserves

Think about the condiments that are usually served at the big family Christmas lunch or dinner. Choose one, find a local supplier and have custom labels printed. Your clients will be so touched, and you’ll be providing an essential part of their celebrations.

5.Customised Christmas Ornaments

Create custom ornaments with your client’s branding or a special message. These will be able to be used the next time they break out the Christmas cheer and decorate their office.

6.Branded Desk Accessories

Items like water bottles, pens, notepads, or power banks with your client’s company logo make for practical and professional gifts.

We created this custom water bottle for an offshore team, and was able to have it printed locally to save on shipping costs.


7.Charitable Donations

For the ultimate feel-good gift, make a donation to a charity in your client’s name and send them a certificate. Our tip is to find a not-for-profit organisation that is local to your area, works within your industry or that you are passionate about, then include why you chose this charity in your Christmas message to clients. 

We have used World Vision for our clients previously, and they loved it!

8.Desk Games

Find a fun and professional desktop game and brand it with your client’s logo. Then, when they’re at their next team get together, they’ll whip these games and you’ll be top of mind. 
Game ideas: a custom puzzle, Tic Tac Toe, Mini-Cornhole or Jenga.

9.Branded Photo Signs

If your clients are trying to build their social presence, a custom branded photo sign could be the perfect gift. Think about what could work well in photos of their team or with their clients, and have a custom sign designed.

Sign ideas: an Instagram frame, a hashtag, or their business tagline.

10.Gourmet Coffee or Tea Gift Sets

Everyone loves caffeine! A gift of high-quality coffee or tea blends in a beautifully designed package, or a customised tea or coffee pot, will ensure your clients get their caffeine hit and think of you each time.

The best gifts are ones that are thoughtful and are customised to the person you are giving the gift to. 

For an extra special touch when giving client gifts, be sure to include a handwritten note or card to express your gratitude and best wishes. 

Small gestures like this show thoughtfulness and effort, making them memorable tokens of appreciation for your clients.

Contact Crisp Communications today for more help designing or crafting your custom client gifts or cards.

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