How to provide Crisp access to your website

Step-by-step instructions on how to give us access

If you are working with Crisp Communications to build, revamp, maintain and audit your website, here is how you can provide us with access:

 1. Login to your website, usually this is via a URL similar to

 2. Navigate to Users in the left-hand menu, and click Add New User

3. Complete the following sections:

 4. Copy the password and text it to Abi

 5. Hit Add New User

Once we have access, we will create a new user for our Crisp team members as needed.

 1. Login to your Wix account

 2. Go to Roles & Permissions in your site’s dashboard.

 3. Click Invite Collaborators.

 4. Under Email(s) add

 5. Select the checkbox next to the Website Manager role.

 6. Click Send Invite.

 7. This will trigger an to be sent to us inviting us to manage your site.

Please note: Depending on the project we are completing with you, we may require other additional roles. We will advise you of this when applicable.

 1. Login to your Squarespace account.

 2. Open the Permissions & Ownership panel.

 3. Click Invite Contributor.

 4. In the Invite Contributor window, complete the following:

 5. Switch the toggles to give us Administrator access.

 6. Click Invite to send your invitation.

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