How to give Crisp access to your Google Business Profile

A key part of managing your digital presence is claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile.

This is a free listing provided by Google which appears when people search for your business name. It displays on the right-hand side of search results.

Ensuring that you have ownership of your business listing is essential. Once you have access, the Crisp team can help you leverage this listing to enhance your digital presence.

How to give Crisp Communications access to your listing

Here is the process for providing Crisp Communications access to your Google Business Listing.

  1. Go to your Business Profile, by either;
    • searching for my business on Google Search, search for my business, or
    • on Google Search or Maps, search for your business’s name and city.


  2. Click the 3 dots to open the menu.

      3. Click on Business Profile settings and then People and access.

      4.  Click the Add button.

         5. Enter a and

         6. Under “Access,” choose Manager.

         7. Click Invite.

This will send our team an invitation to manage your Google Business Profile. From there, we work our magic and start getting your business in front of more eyeballs!

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