5 Reasons Why You‘re Not Getting Enough Great Leads From Your Website

Broadly speaking, I see three types of businesses out there:

  1. Businesses not getting as many website leads as they’d like
  2. Businesses getting plenty of leads, but not enough of the right type of leads
  3. Businesses getting a steady stream of the right type of leads.

If, like most businesses, you’re in one of the first two categories, I want to share five things that I see people in the third category do better than the rest.

1. They don't try to please everyone.

Too many websites are trying to appeal to everyone and in the process, appeal to no one. If you want to appeal to the hearts and minds of the people your business was built to serve, you need to be proud enough to identify your niche and resonate with their challenges. Help them to realise that they’ve arrived at the right place.

2. They keep their website language super simple.

If your website is full of jargon and long-winded copy, you’ll hurt people’s brains and they will click away. 

Less is more on a website – cut through the distracted world we live in and short attention spans we all have with short sentences and punchy copy.

3. They nurture leads over time.

Unless someone is actively ‘shopping around’, it’s rare that they will hit your website and book a call or meeting straight away. Like any relationship, people want to get to know you, like you and trust you before reaching out. 

So rather than try and capture an enquiry, what are you doing to capture someone’s email address so you can build trust with them gradually? 

Bonus tip: videos of you and your team will dramatically speed up this trust-building process.

4. They remove friction from their website.

People are used to the seamless user experience of the Uber App and the Domino’s Pizza Tracker. 

So if your website is asking them to send you an enquiry or phone your office, you’re making their life much harder than other businesses do. 

Every professional services website should have a ‘Book a call’ button (if you’re worried about people having access to your diary, we can mitigate that – send me an email to ask me how)

5. They've set up their website correctly for search engines

Without getting too geeky, Google is very fussy with how they want a website to be built and unfortunately, not enough businesses know about this or build their website the right way. 

If you’re not appearing high in search results, there’s a strong chance the structure of your website is letting you down.

Get in touch if you want me to take a look under the bonnet for you.

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