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When Creativity Strikes in an Inconvenient Moment

featuring Lauren Spangler

Listen now:

Listen now:

Lauren Spangler’s biggest creative boom came when she had LESS time than ever. But even though the timing was a little off, she was able to use this experience to redefine her relationship with her creative side.

After facing creative burnout, Lauren pivoted her career from being a musician and artist to a desk job as strategist. It wasn’t until years later, when she was up nursing her newborn that creativity stuck again. Lauren joins me on Creativity: Uncovered to share her story about how she was able to get back her creative spark.

Tune in to Creativity: Uncovered to hear about:

  • Lauren’s previous career as a professional musician and artist
  • How creative burnout crept up on her
  • Navigating her dormant creativity
  • When creativity re-struck
  • How to fit creativity into parenting and family life
  • How to maintain a daily creative habit
  • Lauren’s creative coaching to help others re-engage their creativity

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More About Lauren Spangler

If you’re curious about the secrets of fulfilled creative living, then ask Lauren Spangler. As a creativity coach and strategist she helps artists find the sweet spot between passion and prosperity.

A painter, writer, and musician herself, as well as a devoted wife and mom of two, Lauren’s mission is to empower artists to enjoy the creative freedom they crave without sacrificing the financial stability they depend upon.

She has helped hundreds of professionals set and achieve their goals, and now she’s here to help you unblock your inner artist and take big steps toward your biggest dreams.

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