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I’m Putting Imposter Syndrome IN THE BIN!

featuring Abigail Gatling

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Listen now:

It was surprisingly recently that I felt like a giant fraud… Imposter syndrome was kicking in. I felt like someone was going to turn around and call me out for not being good enough. And, I feel like I need to own up to that feeling.

Because, as someone who does videos (and now podcasts) frequently, you may be mistaken for thinking that I am 100% confident, 100% of the time, right?

Unfortunately, I am not. Not even close.

In this episode I talk about imposter syndrome and how it weasels its way into my life… and I also share how I have had enough of it, and I am taking a stand!

I explain how I am putting imposter syndrome IN THE BIN and how I want you to do the same!

Happy listening!

xo Abi

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Abi Gatling is the Founder of Crisp Communications Co, a marketing agency that helps professional services businesses boost their business profile, connect with new customers and look good while doing it.

Abi is passionate about creativity and shamelessly uses her podcast, Creativity: Uncovered, as a limitless source of fresh new inspiration, ideas and energy.

Abi is also a keen public speaker, marketing educator and dog lover.

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