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Hearts Need Art – Creativity in Healthcare

featuring Richard Wilmore

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Listen now:

Imagine being in hospital for an extended period of time. Or, knowing that due to your condition, you may never leave hospital again.

Sounds grim, right? But it doesn’t have to be.

Enter: Richard Wilmore and Hearts Need Art. This not-for-profit organisation brings creatives into hospitals to share their craft with patients, caregivers and staff. This program creates moments of joy, self-expression, and connection, in an otherwise sombre setting.

Richard joined me on Creativity: Uncovered to share the benefits of creativity in healthcare, how the organisation started and their plans to expand.

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More About Richard Wilmore

Hearts Need Art
Richard joined Hearts Need Art in 2018 as a volunteer after meeting the Founder at a San Antonio theatre and inviting her to be a guest on his talk show.

Through his award-winning self-titled show and various other roles as host, director and producer, Richard brings creativity to life through collaboration, innovation, and organization.

His combined experience with storytelling and arts in health positions him uniquely as a leader who gives a voice to those we serve: patients and caregivers experiencing life-altering health challenges.

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