Creativity Killer: Not Having Boundaries

featuring Rowena Preddy

Listen now:

Listen now:

From hostile work environments to burnout to boundary-ignoring clients, Rowena Preddy has experienced it all. 

In this episode of Creativity: Uncovered, branding specialist Rowena discusses how her relationship with creativity has been tested throughout her career, why achieving balance is b*llsh*t and how self-work and self-awareness was her saviour.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How Rowena’s mother was her biggest creative inspiration
  • Her best memories of growing up as a creative kid
  • How ADHD and being a “numbers person” almost blocked her pursuit of creativity
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Life as an agency designer
  • Setting boundaries
  • Burnout (and how to avoid it)
  • Redefining your creativity
  • Running a creative business
  • Finding your creative flow, consistently

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More About Rowena Preddy

Preddy Creative
In Preddy Creative, she has two sides to her branding business. On one side, she design magazines (yes, that’s a thing!) and on the other, she create branding that feels familiar as soon as you see it.

While she will boldly back her mad design and branding skills every day of the working week, the part of the branding that she do (and she love the most) is how she is working with small businesses. They’re loving themselves sideways knowing that they can get the best business branding in two days and they can get it done and dusted without the branding bank balance being busted (aka, it’s absolutely afford-do-able!).

And often, after they’ve done, they tell her they’ve had so much fun, loved the pun, and they’re already ready to book in for their next Quickee.

Her story is not original, nor is it unfamiliar to almost every small business she work with—their stories overlap and go their own ways as all good work origin stories do.

You see, like her clients, she too was crammed and jammed in a space that didn’t fit, needing to conform to the norm…please. Her earrings are a little too large, her ideas a little too loud, her laugh a lot too laughy, and just…that one thing that always seemed out of place.

Yep, she knew it wasn’t her that needed to change, but the way it was working could.

You see, businesses can work with any designer and get really good designs, and that was why businesses worked with her in the past—it’s not why they come to work with her now.

Businesses, especially small businesses, come to her because they love the way she work with them. They love that she is all in. They love that they’re the only client she have on her business branding brain on their branding day. They love that they can turn their honesty dial to their highest high to get in and get it done. They love that they can feel confident and connected in designs that feel familiar. They love that they have someone on their side who works with them and who knows what their branding needs to do in their business. They love that she look at them knowing it’s possible. And, they especially love that they can breathe easy because they’re working with someone they can trust.

Oh, you betcha, there’s a lotta love in this branding business.

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