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Say Yes & Stay Curious

featuring Clare Morgan

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Listen now:

A cancer diagnosis was the wake-up call that UK artist Clare Morgan needed to get back into creating art on her own terms.

Now Clare sings the praises of saying “yes” to new opportunities and staying curious, as means of unlocking new levels of creative inspiration. Starting with tapestry weaving and ending up in an improv group, this mindset has taken Clare on new creative adventures that she previously could only have imagined.

Clare shares her journey, learnings and her advice for helping others re-find their creativity.

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More About Clare Morgan

Curious Inky Me
Clare Morgan is a UK-based Fine Artist, specialising in linocut printmaking.

Clare creates beautiful, original artwork and gifts, infused with colours that represent growth and healing. Created for strong, independent individuals to uplift the spirit.

In her spare time she enjoys outdoor swimming, improv and volunteers for lymphoma action. Ask her about her 2 sets of DNA.

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