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Perception Is Reality

featuring Emily Chadbourne

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Listen now:

So much of your creativity is affected by your mindset, and according to my guest Emily Chadbourne, “perception is reality”.

Em is a mindset coach who believes that we often block our own success because of fear of rejection, cultural conditioning, and a lack of connection to self. Through her coaching, she helps people push through these blocks, foster a creative mindset and achieve their goals.

Thank you Em, for sharing your story from being a self-confessed idiot to being unashamedly human.

Happy listening!

xo Abi

P.S. There is a teeny tiny language warning for this episode.

More About Emily Chadbourne

Emily Chadbourne used to be a bit of an idiot. At 34 years old, she realised that no one was going to rescue her from her crappy waitressing job or her crappy life. She had to do it.

Now, she shows other women how to consciously cultivate their businesses, relationships and inner strength, an evolution she calls becoming ‘unashamedly human’. Emily’s no BS, sassy approach and honest accounts of the REAL world of love, life and business are often hilarious and always valuable.

Originally from London, Emily now lives in Melbourne where she works internationally as a mindset coach.

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