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Exploring the World of Branded Podcasts

featuring Angela Hollowell

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Listen now:

Have you ever heard of a “branded podcast”?

Angela Hollowell did so well with her own podcast Honey & Hustle, she was approached to create a paid, branded podcast for Castos.

In this episode I pick Angela’s brains about the differences between a personal podcast and a branded podcast, and her experiences of the two.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How she was approached to create the Creative Architects podcast
  • The restrictions and freedoms of crafting a branded podcast
  • How to stay authentic when creating a podcast for others
  • The rise of the creator economy

Happy listening!
xo Abi

More About Angela Hollowell

Rootful Media
Angela Hollowell is the founder of Rootful Media, a creative documentary film production company based in Durham, North Carolina. She is also the host of the video podcasts Honey & Hustle and Creative Architects by Castos.

She creates documentary films about the outdoors, health equity, social impact, and environmental justice centering Southern voices. Her video interviews feature themes about creative entrepreneurship in North Carolina and beyond. In addition to her professional creative projects, she works to help visual storytellers and creative entrepreneurs build their audience and impact.

When she’s not working, she can be found in nature or enjoying a fruity beer or margaritas with friends.

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