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Mission (Not)Impossible: Inspiring Creativity in Others

featuring Karen DeLoach

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Listen now:

Some people have so much creativity in them, it can’t help but come out in so many different ways. And often, these people also seem to have a calling to help others bring out their creative self.

My guest, Karen DeLoach, is on a mission to teach and stir up the creativity in others for their happiness, and for their healing.

Tune in to hear how to tap into latent creativity, how to foster a creative environment and art as self-therapy.

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More About Karen DeLoach

As an artist/ art mentor and creativity specialist, Karen teaches art in college using textbooks that she has written. Helping people find their unique creative voice, whether they are artistic or not is a surprising joy for them (and for her)! They are helped to overcome negative mindsets, perfectionistic paralysis and crushed right brain stagnation through a program called: Art as Self-Therapy: Wellness Through Creativity.

Those who are fearful of the onslaught of AI and have the feeling of not being able to stay relevant, and haven’t the motivation or energy to stay ahead of it, are offered a unique solution. It only takes about 15 minutes a day of engaging in creative activities that can ignite their right brain brilliance.

With a life-long passion for the arts and healing, decades of experience in artistic expression, Karen loves stirring up creativity in others!

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