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“I’m Not Creative, This Podcast Isn’t For Me”

featuring Abi Gatling

Listen now:

Listen now:

If you have found yourself saying “I’m not creative” recently, then STOP and listen to this episode ASAP.

I simply don’t believe the “I’m not creative” trope, and I challenge you to disbelieve it as well.

In this episode, I explain a little more about what the Creativity: Uncovered podcast is about and who I am making it for.

SPOILER ALERT, this podcast is not just for people who work in creativity industries, it is for anybody who is curious about creativity, and wants to inject more of it into their lives.

I share my thoughts on how I believe everyone is creative, and how this podcast will help you better understand and unlock your own creativity and how it can be a part of your everyday lives.

This episode is the recommended place to start if you have just come across this podcast.

Happy listening!

xo Abi

More About Abi Gatling

Crisp Communications
Abi Gatling is the Founder of Crisp Communications Co, a marketing agency that helps professional services businesses boost their business profile, connect with new customers and look good while doing it.

Abi is passionate about creativity and shamelessly uses her podcast, Creativity: Uncovered, as a limitless source of fresh new inspiration, ideas and energy.

Abi is also a keen public speaker, marketing educator and dog lover.

Creativity: Uncovered® is a registered Trademark of Crisp Communications. Thank you for tuning in!