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Finding Your Creative Style & Busting the Creative Funk

featuring Andy J. Pizza

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Andy J. Pizza is a storyteller.

Whether it is through his illustrations, his books, his podcast or his public speaking, he is always seeking out new ways to dive deeper into his creativity and share authentic stories.

But, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Andy, someone who is internationally renowned, has done work for The New York Times, YouTube and Glastonbury, and has had such stars as Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his podcast, would be on his A-game all the time… right?

Wrong. Even the best of the best still can fall into a creative funk, and Andy shares exactly what he does when it happens to him. He also shares how he found his creativity style, how he continually evolves practice and his plans for the future.

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More About Andy J. Pizza

Andy J. Pizza is an illustrator. Sometimes he uses pictures. Like in his kid’s books, comics and client work for the likes of The New York Times, Apple or Nickelodeon.

Sometimes he uses words. Like when he’s making his podcast Creative Pep Talk. CPT consists of monologues on building a thriving creative practice and conversations with creative powerhouses like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Abbi Jacobson and Morgan Harper Nichols.

His favorite way to illustrate ideas is with analogies and stories on stage. Andy shoots for talks that tonally fall somewhere between TED talks and a one man show — with a dash of stand up comedy, but his friend once said that it was really more like the opposite of stand-up comedy… AKA “lay-down tragedy”😆.

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