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Allowing Yourself to Play

featuring Michael Back

Listen now:

Listen now:

In this episode of Creativity: Uncovered, I speak with my husband Michael Back about play, imagination and giving yourself permission to be creative.

Michael was a really creative kid, but somewhere along the line he felt pressured to become more serious and focus on a “real job”. Next minute he found himself studying business, becoming a Financial Adviser and being dissatisfied with his career. That is, until a book changed his life completely.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How and when he decided to reconnect with his creativity
  • The book that changed his career
  • Growing up as an only child and it’s influenced his creativity
  • Humour and creativity
  • Being playful as an adult
  • Following your curiosity
  • How he stopped silencing and started embracing his creativity
  • Spirituality influencing creativity

Here are the resources Michael mentioned in our chat:

Happy listening!

xo Abi

More About Michael Back

Human to Human
Michael Back won his first award at primary school for “always been interested” and it’s this curiosity that has seen him become a music nerd, an ice-bath enthusiast and lover of random adventures.

He is an ex-Financial Adviser, Founder of Human to Human and, most recently, Host of The Weekend Warmup on Noosa.Radio.

Michael is fur-dad to Monty the Sausage, and husband to Creativity: Uncovered host, Abi Gatling.

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