How to Navigate the Ebbs and Flows of Creativity

featuring Naomi Crain

Listen now:

Listen now:

Creativity, by nature, is continually evolving. Your relationship, your goals and your desire for creativity changes throughout your life. In this episode of Creativity: Uncovered, singer / songwriter Naomi Crain shares how her relationship with music has changed throughout her life, and what her plans are for the future.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How Naomi’s mother provided her first exposure to music
  • The influence of the church on her musicality
  • How she chose music over the sciences
  • How her friends were the catalyst for producing her first album
  • The intersectionality of songwriting and performance
  • Songwriting for yourself vs your audience
  • The Australian Songwriter’s Conference
  • Naomi’s next steps for her music

Happy listening!

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More About Naomi Crain

Naomi Crain Music
Naomi is a singer/songwriter in the “chick with acoustic guitar genre”, who has released two albums and enjoyed co-writing with several other acts across the nearly 30 years since she first started writing music while studying songwriting and music production at university. Her songs wear Bono’s leather, Patty Griffin’s dresses and Ani Difranco’s boots, though in her heart there lies a little of Taylor Swift’s sparkles as well.

These days Naomi finds creative outlet in her graphic design work, her song critiquing service and a small obsession with furniture renovation. The faint gurgles of new songs are slowly being heeded and she hopes these might find her back on a stage soon.

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