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Why is Earning Money From Creativity Bad?

featuring Alice-Rose Lucchetti.

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Listen now:

Should we put to bed the concept of the “starving artist”?

I mean, why is making money from your craft seen as a bad thing?

In this episode of Creativity: Uncovered, I discuss the double-edged sword of popularity with podcaster Alice-Rose Lucchetti.

We chat about Taylor Swift, what it means to be a “sell-out” and the criticism and rules imposed on creatives.

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More About Alice-Rose Lucchetti.

Sounds of Reason
Alice currently working as a Podcast Operations Coordinator at ARN, but when she is not working she is producing her own Podcast called Sounds of Reason.

She created Sounds of Reason back in 2021 along with C Monster Productions. C Monster Productions is where she share and house all her creative projects. She appreciate consuming art and creating it whenever she can!

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