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Wait, am I creative?

featuring Erika Ng

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Listen now:

Do you know the feeling when you realise that something you’ve been searching for has been right there in front of you all the time?

For Erika Ng, this was the case with her creativity.

Her introduction to me literally said “I wasn’t a creative person until…”, but in our chat during this episode we discovered that she has lived a creative life. She just didn’t realise it!

This episode explores Erika’s journey from scientist right the way through to launching her own business and podcast. If you are still on the fence with your creativity, Erika’s insights, reflections and tips will make you want to leap over to the creative side.

Happy listening!
xo Abi

More About Erika Ng

Better Said
Erika Ng, is a communication expert with a passion for empowering people with the tools and confidence to be heard. In her exploration to find her own voice, she has rediscovered the creative that had been suppressed for years under layers of science, logic and ‘adulting’.

UX design was the gateway to writing, painting, knitting, crocheting, and podcasting. Each step has breathed joy, inspiration and peace into her now well-balanced life.

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