How Do You Niche When You Love Everything Creative?

featuring Hollie Arnett

Listen now:

Listen now:

When you run a business, especially as a creative, there is pressure to niche down. That is, you need to have a specific area, style or client base that you exclusively deal with. But how do you niche when you’re an all-rounder, or have many different interests?

I asked Brand Strategist and Creative Coach, Hollie Arnett this question when she joined me on Creativity: Uncovered.

Hollie has had a long, winding journey with creativity, covering many different creative pursuits. She shares her creative experience, her evolution and how she has managed to niche throughout her journey.

Tune into this episode to hear:

  • How Hollie started her career in lettering
  • Her creative journey (including many iterations of her business)
  • How an injury almost destroyed her creativity
  • How Hollie evolved her career to become a brand strategist
  • How creative coaching was the next logical step for Hollie
  • How to Brand Your Passion

Happy listening!

xo Abi

More About Hollie Arnett

Maker & Moxie
Hollie Arnett is a brand strategist and coach for creatives, and the founder of Maker & Moxie. With a background in graphic design and experience with her own art practice, Hollie knows the power of creativity and how building a brand can enable your creative business to thrive.

That’s why she’s on a mission to help creators build their brand, grow their audience, and share their work with the world so that together we can make the world a more creative place, one brand at a time. More creativity, colour, and joy in the world? Yes please!

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