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“Side Quests” Are The New Side Hustle

featuring Jacinta Dietrich

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Listen now:

Jacinta Dietrich is a self-confessed slashie – she is a neurodivergent and bisexual writer / editor / podcaster based in Naarm, Melbourne. She balances her regular job with as many “side quests” as possible. Why? Because, why just choose one creative outlet?

Jacinta joins me on Creativity: Uncovered to discuss her creativity, how being neurodivergent gives her creative super powers, and how she balances it all (and stays motivated!).

Tune in to be inspired by how one person can squeeze so much into each day!

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More About Jacinta Dietrich

Differently Brained
Jacinta Dietrich is a neurodivergent and bisexual writer, editor and podcaster based in Naarm, Melbourne. In 2021, she published a novella, This Is Us Now, with Grattan Street Press. In 2022, she was published in the Black Inc. Growing Up in Country Australia anthology and the Grattan Street Press Intermissions anthology.

Jacinta is also the founder and co-host of Differently Brained, an own voices podcast where each fortnight they interview a neurodivergent guest or a guest who has experienced mental health challenges. They have been featured on Apple Podcasts and regularly chart in the Australian Health & Fitness and Mental Health categories. Jacinta is an emerging voice in the neurodivergent and disability space, advocating for better representation and less stigma.

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