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Take the Power to Write Your Own Story

featuring Laura Martin

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Listen now:

This episode is not about creating art out of paint or pencils. It is about creating art out of your own life.

Trauma and Relationship Therapist, Laura Martin, joins me all the way from Texas to discuss what it means to be the artist of your life and to purposely craft your own life story.

She takes what she knows about trauma, mental health and relationships to empower others to craft their dream future, one step at a time.

This is a different approach to creativity than our normal episodes, but it employs a deeply personal approach to creativity which aims to better connect one’s body and mind.

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P.S. Trigger Warning: Please note that this episode does mention trauma, sexual abuse and addiction.

More About Laura Martin

Healing to Happy
Meet Laura, the extraordinary mind behind Healing to Happy. As a Trauma and Relationship Specialist, she brings a wealth of knowledge acquired through studying under renowned body-based trauma experts like Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Scott Lyons, and Dr. Siegel. Laura’s personal journey, marked by surviving domestic violence and enduring challenging relationships, sparked an unyielding curiosity to uncover the secrets of thriving relationships.

Laura has gone on to help hundreds of high-performing women around the globe to transform their relationships with themselves which revolutionised their relationships with others. With her unique mentoring style and authentic approach, Laura has become a sought-after mentor and teacher in her field.

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