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With a career spanning 40+ years, Steve Griggs has certainly refined his creative process. As New York’s premier landscape designer, Steve flexes his creativity and imagination every day to deliver beautiful, functional and liveable spaces for his clients.

Steve joins me on Creativity: Uncovered to share more about his process and how he remains inspired after nearly half a decade in the field.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How Steve got into landscape design
  • Why he calls himself a landscape artist
  • His process for bringing a client’s vision to life
  • Some tips for getting (and remaining) on the same page with your clients
  • Why he emphasises lifestyle design
  • How he stays motivated and creatively inspired
  • How his process has evolved throughout his career

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More About Steve Griggs

Steve Griggs Design
Steve Griggs: Transforming New York Homes into Luxury Dreamscapes, Author & Entrepreneur.

Steve Griggs is not your average designer; he’s a visionary who transforms ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary masterpieces. With decades of experience and a discerning eye for detail, Steve has become New York’s premier landscape designer, elevating homes, luxury communities, and urban spaces to new heights.

Steve’s accolades extend beyond his design prowess. He is a two-time recipient of the INC 5000 award, a testament to the rapid growth and impact of his business. Steve’s journey is a testament to his passion and dedication. He started with a wheelbarrow, working tirelessly to build his business from the ground up. Today, he’s the go-to expert for landscape design, swimming pools, and outdoor entertaining spaces.

One of Steve’s remarkable qualities is his approach to design. He doesn’t impose cookie-cutter designs; instead, he collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique vision. His work extends beyond traditional landscapes to reinventing and renovating urban spaces, as well as designing luxury homes and communities.

As a bestselling author of “Straight Dirt: New York City’s Premier Designer Tells It Like It Is,” Steve shares insider secrets on working effectively with landscape designers and contractors.

His no-nonsense approach ensures clients get results that go beyond their expectations.Steve’s been recognised by numerous media outlets, including Forbes, Business Insider, and The Wall Street Journal. He’s also made TV appearances on Bravo’s “Backyard Envy”, the LaLa Land Coach, and Grant Cardone’s Power Players. Steve was also featured in New Jersey Digest, where his innovative designs inspired homeowners throughout the Tri-State area.

With a customer-centric focus and a portfolio that includes lush gardens, waterfalls, swimming pools, and outdoor chef kitchens, Steve Griggs continues to redefine outdoor living. If you’re seeking to elevate your outdoor space from mundane to magnificent, Steve Griggs is the visionary you need.

Join Steve Griggs on podcasts to explore the art of landscape design, the importance of listening to clients, and the journey from a wheelbarrow to becoming New York’s premier landscape designer. Discover how Steve turns dreams into reality, one outdoor space at a time.

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