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Expand Your Comfort Zone (Don’t Step Outside It)

featuring Kim Payne

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From stock broker to financial adviser to… confidence coach?

In this episode of Creativity: Uncovered I spoke with coach, trainer and keynote speaker Kim Payne, all about her creative journey. She shares her first memories of being labelled “not-creative” as a child, which shaped her journey and self-perception from thereon. That is, until another fateful experience as an adult helped her re-find her creative self.

We explore courage and expanding your comfort zones (because leaping outside your comfort zone is way too scary). And, lastly, Kim shares some tools to give you a sure-fire confidence boost whenever you need it.

Here are the resources that Kim discusses in this episode:

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More About Kim Payne

Courageous Me
As a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach for three decades in financial services, Kim has been helping brilliant professionals who, despite their impressive credentials and accomplishments, often feel frustrated and undervalued.

They’re looking for more than just traditional success measures. They want to feel fulfilled and rewarded in all aspects of their lives. To be clear on their purpose, do meaningful work, and feel confident as themselves.

At the height of her corporate consulting career in financial services, as a single, 35-year-old workaholic, Kim was offered her dream job with a large consulting firm in the USA. All set to go, she had a nagging feeling something was missing. So, she declined the offer and, six weeks later, met the love of her life, settled down, and started a family.

This turning point kickstarted her journey to find more meaning and purpose in her life. As a result, she left the corporate world after twenty years for the freedom of owning her own business. She never looked back.

Kim understand the challenges people face, whether they run their own business, lead organisations, are starting out, or advancing their careers. She faced many of these challenges and have learned how to turn them into opportunities.

Kim mission is to empower professional women to take courageous action and live a kickass liberated life where they’re seen, heard, and fully valued.

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