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Are you ready for a philosophical approach to creativity?

I bet that when you read that, you didn’t immediately think that an ex-financial planner would be my guest for this conversation.

Meet Clinton Weekes, a free-range human, who works in the finance sector as a means to support his ideal lifestyle and time with his family. Clint is an incredibly deep, philosophical thinker, and in this conversation we dive deep into creativity, its intellectual, physical and emotional impact and how to get more of it in your life.

Thank you Clint for bringing a great, nerdy perspective to creativity.

Happy listening!
xo Abi

More About Clinton Weekes
Clinton Weekes is the proud owner of the domain At 41 years of age he is still considering what content should live there. Like most people he procrastinates and doesn’t know what he would like to be when he grows up (and he loves this). This almost too predictable outcome is also born from a love to dabble in whatever interests him at the time like a dog chasing a stick.

About 20 years ago he got his first real job in the finance sector starting at the bottom as a bank teller, a decade ago he craved the flexibility to combine work and lifestyle and became his own boss and he’s never had one since. His professional work in finance supports his lifestyle and not the other way around. In particular, being grounded in a home life with his wife and toddler supersedes any monetary gain above and beyond minimum needs.

Clinton’s real passion lies at some crazy intersection of art, philosophy and invention. It’s quite hard to pinpoint and is continually moving but heavy contributions from music, film, books, exercise, technology, well-being, problem solving and new knowledge seem to energise his life.

Right now Clinton is exploring options to further express these wide ranging interests through artistic means and you may see more on this in the future as it develops. Furthermore, his professional work in finance is sure to be impacted by fast changing technology and he’s excited by the possibilities of how this can help further shape his work in relation to generating an even greater lifestyle.

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