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I am looking forward to our chat! Here is a little more information of what to expect when we catch up.

... but before we do that,
could I ask you a favour?

If you’ve listened to Creativity: Uncovered and like what you heard, could I trouble you for a quick review? They make a MASSIVE difference…!

Ok now onto the deets about our chat...

What will happen in this meeting?

This Zoom catch up is an opportunity for us to put a face to a name. I would like to use this time to find out a little more about you, to check that we have synergy and provide you with some more information about the podcast.

We usually chat about:

  • Your story / expertise and how it fits the podcast theme
  • Possible talking points / podcast themes to cover in the episode
  • Your podcast set up – ensuring that your video and audio recording is suitable
  • How you will promote the episode before / after it is released

What are the podcast themes?

We do not have set questions for this podcast, however we like to focus our conversations on what creativity means to you and how it impacts your life.

We like to hear about real-life stories, and encourage you to share any advice, lessons, learnings, and practical tips that you may have about creativity.

What happens after this chat?

If we are a good fit for each other, I will invite you to book in a time to record an episode of Creativity: Uncovered with me.

Recordings are done via Zoom, and are usually about 45 minutes long (we book in an hour to ensure that we have plenty of time).

Please note that we are running about 2-3 months ahead of schedule, so expect this amount of time between our recording session and the release of the episode.

If you have any further questions, I’d be happy to answer them in our chat soon. 

Speak to you then!

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