Crispy Website Maintenance

Keeping your website happy, safe and up-to-date

We offer two packages of Crispy support for your website:

Crisp Protect

$50 + gst / month

Pre-pay 12 months and save 10%

Optional: Add on Wordfence Pro for real-time monitoring for $10 / month

A website is not “set and forget”. Everyday hackers are trying to find vulnerabilities on sites, so that they can access your data and take control of your website. The main risk is caused by old and out-of-date plugins and a lack of monitoring.

Crisp Protect provides peace of mind against these types of attacks through:

You’ll also receive an update each month on how your website is performing, any suggestions for improvements and we will be available for email support if you ever need it.

Crispy updates

$1,350 + gst / 10 hours

$1,250 (10% off if you are part of our Crisp Protect package)

Like anything in life, if you don’t do it regularly, getting back up to speed can often take 10 times longer than the original task itself. We find that for busy teams website updates often fall into this category. Instead, let Crisp take care of any website content updates or changes for you.

In each Crispy Update package, you receive 10 hours of support which you can use for: