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Thanks for booking in your episode recording. I look forward to our chat!

In the meantime, here is a little more information about the podcast.

My name is Abi Gatling, and I am the founder of Crisp Communications Co, a funky little marketing and communications agency based in Queensland, Australia.

Prior to taking the leap and starting my own agency, I was always looking for ways to inject creativity into my various work roles (think: windowless, government office!). So, I know first-hand that creativity can be found in any role, and even the driest of industries.

Now through my business (and this podcast!), I get more than my fair share of creativity and I want to help share that with others.

When we chat you’ll quickly discover that I am podcast obsessed. I manage a handful of fantastic podcasts and I have been a judge in the Australian Podcast Awards and the Signal Awards.

Everyone has creativity inside them, but some find it easier to uncover than others.

However, even the most inspired can find themselves with a creative block when a deadline looms. Because, being creative, or having fresh ideas, on demand, day after day, is tough!

Creativity: Uncovered explores how different people, across a range of industries, successfully unlock, unleash and inspire their creativity.

Uncovering the secrets to idea generation, lateral thinking, inventiveness, and design, this podcast will give you tried and tested ways to summon creativity the next time you need it.

Creativity: Uncovered listeners will walk away with new ways of building creative habits, solving problems, and making a dent in your corner of the world.

We will record our episode via Zoom. The episode will be released as an audio podcast, but we may use parts of the visual Zoom recording in our promotion of the episode, and on occasion we may also release the full recording on YouTube.

Each episode is around 30 – 45 minutes in length. To make sure we’re not rushed, we allow 1 hour for recording. This will give us plenty of time to delve deep into conversation, whilst also providing some wiggle room in case we face any technical issues (not that we expect any).

Here are some tips to ensure that we get the most out of our recording:

Check your video settings

Go to your Zoom software settings and make sure your video is not on HD (this can cause your internet to slow down and cause lag).

Check your internet speed

Check your internet speed to make sure it’s strong (I use If the internet is poor, you may be best to use the phone to dial in (my diary invite will include a phone number in case you wish to dial in).

Check your camera

Make sure your face is well-lit and you are well-positioned in the shot (by that I mean showing you head and shoulders, not just your head). While we will only use parts of the recording, this will ensure that we have the most flexibility when it comes to using the recording.

Check your audio

To ensure high audio quality, we recommend you use a standalone microphone, or a set of earphones that have a microphone in them (like AirPods or wired earphones).

We also recommend turning off your notifications on your phone and computer.

I like to treat our episode recordings less like an interview, and more like an informal chat.

I do not script any specific questions ahead of time, as I prefer to engage with you during the conversation and ask follow-up questions that relate to what you are talking about.

If you would like any specific questions ahead of time, please let me know.

However, in saying that, please be prepared to share what creativity means to you and how it impacts your life.

The booking form would have asked for your preferred bio and any links that you would like us to use in our promotions.

We will be distributing the Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and iHeart Radio.

Prior to release, we will provide you with all the necessary links and graphics so you can listen and share your episode with your network!

We will also promote our podcast with our listeners via social media channels and e-newsletter.


If, for any reason, you need to reschedule our recording, please head to the calendar invitation and click the Reschedule link. From there you will be able to choose a new time and date that best suits you.

If you have any ideas for amazing, engaging guests for future episodes of Creativity: Uncovered, please encourage them to submit their expression of interest here.

Likewise, if you think there is a podcast that would suit Abi to guest on, please do let us know!

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