How to Slay Holiday Socials

If you google Social Media Tips, I guarantee you that one of the first things that comes up is to post about upcoming holidays or festivities.

…aaand while this is pretty sound advice, it should come with a caveat.

And that caveat is, be selective! Don’t go OTT and post everyday about a different holiday. Some simply do not relate to your business, and certainly would not all resonate with your audience.

Crispy Tip

So my Crispy Marketing Tip for today is: You don’t have to participate in every holiday online – create social content for key moments that align with your values.

If you are posting about any and all upcoming events, then you may run the risk of seeming inauthentic or, simply, just confusing your audience.

However, posting on your socials about relevant seasonal events and holidays can help you connect with your audience and build engagement.

Posts celebrating and acknowledging holidays or other significant days can help humanise your account and make it more relatable. It’s an awesome way of not only bolstering your numbers, but also showing your values, your morals, and what you truly care about!

How to find out what holiday and festival socials will suit your business

We now know that for the best results, we need to be selective about what we post on our socials.

But how do we find suitable, well-aligned holidays and festivals to post about?

When it comes to posting about holidays and festivals, I first like to review my Crisp Social Media Calendar for all the upcoming dates. From there, I then create a customised list for my business which I divide into Yes, Nos and Maybes.

What constitutes a yes on my list of social media holidays are things that:

  • Relate to my brand
  • Relate to my industry
  • Relate to me / my team
  • Relate to my local area and link to one (or more) of the above.

Events and holidays that are a no for my business’ social media are the direct opposite of the above. Basically, upcoming dates that have nothing to do with me or my business.

Then there are the maybes. These are things where I would have to work a little harder to make a connection between my business and the event. I would have to specifically draw a link and explain why I was posting about this, so that my audience would understand the relevance to me and to them.

Tell me more - can I have an example?

Sure, I love examples!

Let’s pretend that I am a bakery owner based in Noosa, Queensland (lucky thing!). First, I would review the Crisp Social Media Calendar and then I would make my list of what are my Yes, Nos and Maybes, for example:

Valentines Day

International Donut Day

Support Your Local Business Day

Noosa Eat & Drink Festival

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Cyber Monday

Talk Like a Pirate Day (unless I was participating in it!)

National Puppy Day (unless I sold pet treats too)

As a bakery owner in a different location, you may have a completely different list to the above and that is OK! Social media is personal to you and your business.

Crispy Tip

A bonus Crispy tip for you – as this bakery owner, I would also think of ways to use these holidays and festivities offline as well. For example, special pink cup cakes for Valentines Day, or a lucky business card competition on Support Your Local Business Day.

Are you ready to jump into the world of socials? Here are two easy steps that you can take:

  1. Book a call with me to create your strategy
  2. Download my Crisp Social Media Calendar

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