10 Social Media Post Ideas for Halloween

Easy ideas for your business socials

Posting about current holidays and celebrations is a great way to show the personality and values of your business. 

Plus people LOVE holidays and love interacting with current, topical posts, so it’s a win-win all round.

Halloween, the 31st October, is a holiday that Aussies are celebrating more and more each year, so it’s a great one to get involved in.

There are many ways to tackle this holiday, from cultural to spooky to fun. Adding a dash of Halloween spirit to your socials can suit most businesses.

Crispy Tip

When posting about a holiday or celebration, it is important to match the tone to your business and tie it into your product or service (if possible!).

10 social media post ideas for Halloween:

Here are 10 social media post ideas for Halloween to get you started:

1. Create a Happy Halloween post (bonus if you use a Halloween pun!)

2. Share a Halloween horror story from your industry

3. Show off your office Halloween decorations

4. Run a Halloween contest

5. Share a list of your favourite Halloween movie recommendations

6. Share photos of your team’s pets in Halloween costumes (like this one, below!)

8. Share a Halloween themed recipe


9. Create a list of costume ideas related to your business / industry


10. Share a hilarious Halloween joke or meme


Give these social media marketing ideas a try this coming Halloween season.

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